Maher History

Maher Community

The Mer population of Kathiawar region in Saurashtra also known as the Maher, Mihir, Mair or Mehr are a community of people who have evolved from the Kshatriya Rajput varna within Hinduism. They are believed to be of Indo-Aryandescent, and have a rich and diverse history involving many battles, valour & sacrifice to uphold their honour & values. Some of the sacrifices made by them were related to fulfilment of sacred oaths, duties and responsibilities towards common people & also to the Jethwa Ranas of Porbandar.

The population of Mers distributed in a number of 155 villages and some 23 nes was reported to be 50,000 according to the Census of 1951. The traditional occupations of the Mer are war and agricultural farming. Some of the Mer villages & land was given to them by the Jethwa Ranas of Porbandar as a token for being part of their royal army against invading tribes in the Kathiwar region.

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